Forti Key-One Clean label

Forti Key-One Clean label is a concentrated, multifunctional bread improver based solely on ascorbic acid from the Acerola cherry and enzymes. Forti Key-One has the unique feature of being completely free of E numbers, as indicated by the Clean label. This bread improver ensures tolerance, volume and a longer shelf life.

The bread improver is suitable for both white and crusty bread. On the other hand, it is not suitable for high-fat doughs such as croissants and brioches. The recommended dosage is 1 to 2% in proportion to flour.

A loaf of bread that was prepared with Forti Key-One Clean label clearly has a larger volume than a loaf without bread improver. The volume of a loaf with a classic bread improver is comparable.

The composition of Forti Key-One Clean label also results in a breadcrumb that stays soft longer and therefore hardens less quickly. The softness of bread without improver decreases relatively quickly.

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